Even through the pale light and cold wind, I can still feel your breath
Soft and warm, close to my neck slowly whispering you love me
You told me everyday how beautiful I was
Not knowing there was a monster inside of me
Not prepared for the darkness I was going to bring into your world

Even though you thought you knew me
I scared you, because I pushed you away
I was afraid something amazing couldn’t withstand what I have inside
I was just letting you go, day by day

I know now nothing will ever change me
Because, you showed me true affection and it did nothing but anger this pain

But I can promise you this, if you close your eyes and think of her
I’ll just be a tragic memory

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This is going to be short, and only because my postings will give you a better idea of who I am. With every Blog, you will learn and take what you will about me. To sum it up, I am a loner, but I am content with that. I am making this Blog Page because, I am too lazy to buy a new Notebook. View all posts by girlawake

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