The floor is moving, my heart beat is slowing
Everything is breathing, and I’m just wasting away
I’m still bleeding, not thinking or feeling
Trying to hold on like any other day

You can see me laying here, but you choose to look away
You have no remorse for my pain
You’re devouring me, like a disease
You have no mercy on me

I’m itching with this inside of me
I’m falling through cracks
Holding back tears while you slowly rip out my soul

I am living life with a tainted smile

About girlawake

This is going to be short, and only because my postings will give you a better idea of who I am. With every Blog, you will learn and take what you will about me. To sum it up, I am a loner, but I am content with that. I am making this Blog Page because, I am too lazy to buy a new Notebook. View all posts by girlawake

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